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Terms and Conditions

1. Booking:

On booking your golf package a deposit of 50 euro per person is payable. The balance is due to Bmi Sports not later than 5 weeks before departure. If these terms are not met Bmi Sports may rescind immediately, without notice, and reallocate all confirmed bookings. Deposits are not refundable.

2. Cancellations:

Any client intending to cancel, must notify Bmi Sports, in writing immediately. Cancellations more than 5 weeks before departure date will make Client liable for 50% of the full invoice amount. If cancellation occurs less than 5 weeks before departure, cancellation charges will be for the full invoice amount.

3. Alterations to Holidays:

Every reasonable effort will be made to provide the golf holiday as invoiced to the cClient , but Bmi Sports reserves the right to make any neccessary alterations to arrangements, including changes to date, time and venue.

4. Exclusions of Liability:

Bmi Sports is not responsible for loss or damage to any person or their property, as all clients travel with Bmi Sports at their own risk. Bmi sports shall not be obliged, in the case of cancellation or postponement of any holiday or element thereof, to provide a refund of monies, paid by any client. The client is responsible for all damages caused by any member of the client's party.

5. Travel Insurance:

Bmi Sports strongly recommends that all clients purchase travel insurance, including golf cover.

6. Complaints and Disputes:

In the event of dissatisfaction or complaint, the client is required to notify Bmi Sports in writing, within seven days of the occurance giving rise to such dissatisfaction or complaint.

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